• Caroline: "I’m just saying it’s a male dominated workplace."
  • Guy: "Bollocks!"
  • Caroline: "I’ve got a few other points you can prove for me if you like."
  • Guy: "It’s not male dominated, they’re bloody women everywhere."
  • Mac: "Hmm…crunching underfoot everywhere they walk."
  • Guy: "Yeah. Have you ever paid for a woman to walk on you? I have. It’s pointless. Really hurts."
  • Caroline: "Wow, it’s like working with Germaine Greer."
  • Mac: “What about that new blonde girl in ENT, nice or what?”
  • Guy: “Not interested.”
  • Mac: “Not interested?”
  • Guy: “No. No, I’ve changed.”
  • Mac: “Oh great. What about Graham in dermatology?”
Dream sequence set design

Dream sequence set design

  • Guy: "Can you get a verruca on your penis?"
  • Caroline: "I can’t, can you?"
  • Mac: "Never tried, pretty good at most parlour games though."
  • Guy: "A friend of mine fell knob first into a foot bath at a swimming pool, he was wondering, that’s all.
Oli, Stephen, Mark and Julian as Queen.

Oli, Stephen, Mark and Julian as Queen.